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SCROOGE DATES Updated Nov 10th 2017

Dates Divisions Divisions Divisions Divisions Divisions
Wednesday Dec 27th 2017 U15-GIRLS 2003 U-15 BOYS 2003 U-8 BOYS 2010 WOMEN’S MONEY OPEN 6V6 WOMEN'S REC (20+) 6V6
Thursday Dec 28th 2017 U-12 GIRLS 2006 U-12 BOYS 2006 U-8 GIRLS 2010 WOMEN’S REC 101 (25+) 7V7 WOMEN'S MASTERS (30+) 7V7
Friday Dec 29th 2017 U-16 GIRLS 2002 U-10 GIRLS 2008 U-9 BOYS 2009 MEN'S MONEY (OPEN) / REC (18+) MEN'S MASTERS (35+)
Saturday Dec 30th 2017 U-13 GIRLS 2005 REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-13/14 BOYS U-16 BOYS 2002 U-10 BOYS 2008 ADULT CO-ED Rec(18+)/Money (Open)/Masters (30+)
Tuesday Jan 2nd 2018 U-14 GIRLS 2004 U-14 BOYS 2004 U-11 GIRLS 2007 REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-15/16 GIRLS WOMEN'S OPEN 6v6
Wednesday Jan 3rd 2018 U-17 GIRLS 2001 U-17 BOYS 2001 U-9 GIRLS 2009 REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-13/14 GIRLS -------------------------------
Thursday Jan 4th 2018 U-11 BOYS 2007 U-18/19 GIRLS 2000 U-18/19 BOYS 2000 ------------------------------- -------------------------------
Friday Jan 5th 2018 U-13 BOYS 2005 REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-15/16 BOYS REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-17/18 BOYS REGIONAL/ACADEMY/OPDL U-17/18 GIRLS -------------------------------

November New Release

We are almost there!

After years of planning and months of construction, the new addition at the BMO Centre is just about finished.

While the 155,000 square feet of new indoor turf is now operational, we (and you) have waited patiently for the completion of the parking lot, the washrooms, the change rooms, the meeting rooms, viewing gallery and other features that will make the new addition a state of the art facility.

Our goal was to begin the fall 2017 schedule on time and although we did accomplish this, it has not been without its challenges.   But the good news, is that everything has finally come together and the complicated process of coordinating the many different services and construction trades is just about over.

We want to sincerely thank all of our players, coaches, parents and anyone who has been affected by the expansion for your patience and your gracious attitudes as we have all journeyed together through this arduous process.

For more information please check out the many pictures and updates that can be found on the website.

Fun Facts with jQuery

BMO Centre London, London Optimist Sports Centre

The BMO Centre London is an indoor sports facility located in London, Ontario.  At the BMO Centre we run various leagues, programs, and tournaments during the fall/winter as well as the spring/ summer seasons for those ranging from ages 4 to adults. We also have various rooms and fields available for rent for birthday parties , company functions, banquets, receptions, etc.

Contact Us BMO Centre London

Contact Us BMO Centre London

London Optimist Sports Centre

Phone: 226-289-2838